Planet Protectors Club

We have been busy creating a presentation for our assembly to teach our classmates more about the problems facing the planet. We included information about deforestation, palm oil, littering and pollution. Next term we have asked to learn about the ocean problems.

Planet Protectors have arrived!

We have welcomed our first budding problem solvers into the club. Mrs Fosh has been working with the kids to establish what they know and what they are interested in.
So far they have made water pumps and learnt about drought issues across the globe.
They have made a solar oven to cook food without electricity (we are just lacking the sun to test it!).
We have been visited by Recycle for Essex to see the life cycle of everyday products.
Lots more great ideas are planned and we look forward to sharing the kids journey with you.

What was I? What can I be?

Hat made from Coca~Cola cans

Shoes made from old London tube train material

Computer chipboard clipboards

Plastic bottle to snuggle fleece

Trash to treasured handbags....

What do we know? What do we want to know?

The kids are full of curiosity and fresh perspective. I wonder how many of us adults stop and think about some of the problems these children raised:

Littering the ocean.

Bees dying.

Rainforests being cut down.

Buying too many things and throwing them away.

Pollution from too many cars.

People not recycling.

Planet Protectors Club

We are working with Sam Fosh to create the first Planet Protectors Club at Broomfield Primary School, Chelmsford, Essex. Sam is a qualified primary teacher with a degree in global futures and keen to help us create the next generation of conservationists. The trial will start with Key Stage 2 children with potential to expand to other ages and schools across Essex.
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